Pre-press Services

The art of producing pages is known as Pre-press. Here, at The Beget, we use the state-of-art technology to provide the deliverables with quality to meet the customer expectations. A team of well-experienced copy editors, proofreaders, project managers and technical staff run the pre-press process at The Beget.

The core team has complete knowledge of producing periodicals, magazines and books. The core team has the capability of identifying process flow gaps and defining workflows for any given new process to achieve a seamless transition from their clients. The below are the list of pre-press services done at The Beget.

  • Project Management
  • Pre-editing
  • Editorial Services
  • XML Conversion
  • Graphics Processing
  • Page Composition
  • Proof Reading
Project Management

Project Management (PM) is a process executed by Plan, Do, Check, and Act (PDCA) methodology to achieve specific goals.

The Project Management Executives (PME) at the Beget work with the customer to determine their requirements and priorities. As per the requirements provided, they take full responsibility to ensure that all the aspects of the production cycle are managed effectively, within budget and make the deliverables on time to the printer with the expected quality. Their responsibilities are setting schedules, hiring freelancers, monitoring the progress of titles, and effectively communicating with the authors, the technical staff and the publisher.

Our PMEs have rich experience in both Books and Journals publishing. The Beget is developing a robust Online Tracking System (OTS), in which we track productivity, on-time–delay ratios, schedules, author queries and identify potential problems before they occur.

Our PMEs are well versed in handling both typesetting as well as full-service titles. They are proactive in planning, good in communication and swift in responding to customer’s requirements. The PMEs are trained in all the production processes before they are prepared to take charge of the work. Needless to say, any project-specific query, simple technical issues, or scheduling information are all sorted out seamlessly.

Our PMEs coordinate with

  • Customers, author(s)/editor(s).
  • Copyeditors, indexers, translators and printers.
Also, they involve
  • Proof-routing.
  • Coordinating and consolidating page corrections (Master proof set compilation).
  • Compiling front- and back matter.
  • Monitoring page length and escalating publishing cost impact.
  • Ensuring the deliverables are error-free.
Overcoming challenges such as thinning margins and escalating input costs.


The Beget has a transparent pre-edit process that consists of cleaning-up raw manuscripts in MS-Word, identifying all the style elements, setting figures, tables, and other floating elements, styling cross-references, structuring and editing references/bibliographies and handling language parameters such as spelling, hyphenation, capitalization and italicization. The pre-editing can be set as a process before or after copyediting depending on the customers’ preferences.

Editorial Services

The Beget has a wide range of editors who are well versed in Editorial Services. Our editorial team members have the potential to handle manuscripts from life sciences, humanities, management, finance, medicines, health, engineering, accounting, mathematics, environmental science, philosophy, and so on. They come from various educational backgrounds and have vast experience in writing, editing, content accuracy, factual checking and peer reviews.

The copyeditors at The Beget are skilled in various levels of editing. The copyeditors are well versed in all the well-known style manual such as CMS, APA, Judith Butcher, etc., and also they have enough exposure in preparing a style sheet based on customer specification or sample book. The Beget copyeditors can handle books, journals, seasonal articles, thesis, paper presentation, major reference works (encyclopaedias and comprehensives). To maintain consistency and ensure quality, copyeditors prepare a checklist that shows hyphenated words, punctuation, quotes, serial comma, spellings, capitalization, italicization and other technical parameters that were followed in throughout the book or manuscripts.

XML Conversion

An XML conversion is a process that converts the pre-edited file into an XML-coded file, and parsing the XML-coded file using a specific DTD is to provide an error-free XML output.

The Beget offers complete spectra of data conversion services in digital formats in a quick turn-around time. The Math-type projects can be converted into TeX codes using LaTeX software and made it available for pagination. The Beget has the capability to manage both the XML-First and the XML-Last based workflows.

Following are the merits of the XML workflow:

  • Customized XML, MS-Word, or TeX/LaTeX-based editing tools make typesetting much easier.
  • Customized style sheet with respect to customer-specific DTD makes to deliver the content in a quick turn-around-time.
  • Specialized quality control tool, i.e., XML parsers, based on customers’ DTD makes to deliver error-free contents.
  • Delivering XML files at any stage during typesetting.

Graphics Processing

The Beget’s Art Studio caters to the requirements of end-to-end illustration and design processes for Books and Journals. The Beget has specialists in handling complex art services exclusively for science, technical, medical and math illustrations.

The artwork includes correcting halftones, scanning and redrawing of artwork can be done at The Beget.

From our design team one can benefit based on the facilities illustrated below:

  • We have experts in designing creative covers by reducing the additional cost of designing cover separately.
  • At The Beget, we offer Raster/Vector processing, Relabeling and redrawing, Color enhancement and manipulation.

Page Composition

The term “Page Composition” refers to assembling the elements on a page, including text and graphics, which is otherwise called as page makeup or page layout.

At The Beget, we have highly qualified staff with rich experience in handling various tools that are used for page composition and other related services. Based on the customer specifications, the templates can be fixed and the XML-coded file can be flown in the template and the processed graphics can be placed near the callouts.

We have advanced versions of Adobe Indesign (CS6) as a platform for page composition. With streamlined processes, the Beget is able to meet the schedules with the expected quality.

Following are the benefits of our page composition processes:

  • Advanced technology tools and allocating appropriate resources optimally leads to a notable percentage in cost savings.
  • Industry best practices and highly optimized content composition processes resulting in faster turn-around time.
  • User-friendly softwares make page composition much easier.

Proof Reading

The proof readers ensure consistency in all style aspects and technical terms. The proof readers also liaise with authors and publishers for any clarifications.

The Beget’s editors are trained to look into the document’s concept, intended use, audience, content, organization of the content, design and style.


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